Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stream DJ Sets On Facebook Live or Periscope With Great DJ Audio (courtesy DJ TECHTOOLS) -(spreading awarness)

There’s a major emphasis live streaming video online right now, and as a result, social media posts that contain live video get more natural exposure. This is a big opportunity for DJs to reach more a wider audience, so in today’s article, learn how quickly stream DJ sets on Facebook Live, Periscope, and more with great-sounding DJ audio.
In this article we’ll share instructions on two ways of live streaming DJ sets:
  • On Facebook Live or Periscope, from a phone (single-cam supported, good DJ audio)
  • On Facebook Live from a computer (multi-cam supported, good DJ audio)
By default, using a streaming service from your phone has pretty crappy sound quality from the built-in mic – keep reading to find out how to make something professional.

Stream DJ Sets On  From Your Computer

If you’ve got a more permanent setup where you want to start streaming video, it makes a lot of sense to stream directly from your computer. There are a number of great platforms out there for this – like Twitch.TV and Chew.TV – that have their own niche audiences.
Excitingly, Facebook Live has joined those ranks with a recent update that allows multi-camera apps to stream directly into the platform. This is important because for many producers and DJs, your fans already use Facebook, so there’s no concerns about trying to get them to use something new.
To stream a DJ set from your computer, you’ll need:
  • a webcam 
  • a broadcasting app (OBS is free and easy, Facebook also supports Livestream, Wirecast, Xsplit, and ffmpeg)
  • a solid internet connection (wired ethernet if possible)
  • an audio connection from your DJ setup to your computer
  • for Facebook, a Facebook Page (currently normal Facebook user accounts are not able to do this advanced streaming – see the full setup process here)
To get set up, you’ll need to make a new stream on the platform of your choice, and the platform will give you a unique set of URLs/stream keys that link your software to your specific stream. Here’s what the Facebook Live URLs look like (but each user has a unique set):