Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Every year we reach out to digital DJs worldwide to ask: Are clubs banning DJ controllers where YOU live? We want you to let us know the current state of play. 

Last year we found that in some places yes, in others, no, but that things were improving. So 12 months later, with an EDM backlash apparently starting, and even vinyl having a small resurgence, we want YOUR stories once again! 

Are you allowed to take your controller to the venues you play in? Or are you forced to use the provided gear? Have you met resistance from venue owners, promoters and other DJs, or are controllers as normal as traditional gear in the places you play in? Tell us


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Apple GarageBand Review: iOS 2.1 with Live Loops & Remix FX

This seemingly major update adds the performance-oriented Live Loops view with tempo-synced Remix FX to the GarageBand for iOS music workstation app. Is this a vital new companion to DJs and live performers or more a watered down version of Novation Launchpad for iOS or Ableton Live? We dissect the new features in this Garageband review.
  • Reviewed: Apple GarageBand for iOS 2.1
  • Price: $4.99 or free for many iOS 9 devices
  • Availability: Now
  • System Requirements: iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
The Good: Live Loops and Remix FX add new music-creation dimensions to GarageBand, as well as making it practical for live use and more appealing to DJs and music-making beginners. Drummer for iOS lets you finely customize beats without having to program them. Convenient workflow for making your own loops and using them in the Live Loops grid.
The Bad: No built-in MIDI sync capability, but if you have the Audiobus app, you should be able to sync GarageBand with other Ableton Link apps and software through Audiobus.
The Bottom Line: The new grid-based loop-launching Live Loops view in GarageBand 2.1 for iOS lets you combine and remix included loops, finished tracks, material you create or any other audio file, and then effect them with tempo-synced Remix FX in a way that should be familiar to users of Ableton Live and Novation Launchpad for iOS. It’s easy to create your own loops, and the Drummer feature makes it even easier to customize beats. There’s little to no downside to giving this a try.

Live from the Garage

With Apple’s update to GarageBand 2.1 for iOS, the $4.99 app has been boosted in big ways both for serious music production (see more in the final section) and for loop-based performing, remixing and live, tempo-synced effects. Those latter aspects are what we’re focusing on, because they add an entirely new dimension to GarageBand.
The app is now an even better entry point for people looking to get started producing music, and it is also a notable companion to DJs and live performers who want to add some spontaneous loop mixing and mashing to their sets—whether they make their own loops or use the included or third-party material.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hot New DJ Courses - What's included (and your bonuses)

As our member-only pre-launch offer on our three brand new Made Easy courses for TraktorSerato and Virtual DJ closes soon, I wanted to email you to explain why these courses are already proving so valuable to loads of DJs in helping them to get the best from their DJ software, and why you should grab this offer while you still can!
  1. They will unlock the full potential of your DJ software- We explain clearly how every feature of your DJ software works and how to use it the right way so you don't have to decipher the tech talk in the manual which is dry, difficult, and baffling to understand. Using plain language and everything we've learned from teaching over 12,000 DJs since 2011, we demystify even the most complex features, showing you what they do in simple steps.
  2. They show you exactly how and when you should be using each feature - Ever read up on a cool thing your software can do and thought: "Yes, but what use is that going to be to me in my DJing?" Throughout these courses, we've made sure to explain exactly why each function is in there, so you can have all the killer tricks at your fingertips giving you the confidence to use them in your DJing...
  3. They bring your software to life, making learning easy, fun and effective - Full HD videos using music, screenshots and close-up gear footage to show everything you need in a way that’s simple to understand. DJing is a tactile experience, and more and more, it is a visual experience too. Written manuals are almost useless at conveying much of this which is why these videos give you all the practical hands-on experience you need to learn, fast.
  4. They are packed with valuable bonuses that go beyond just the software - For instance, the Traktorcourse includes mini-courses within it going in-depth into how to use the most up to date Traktor controllers like the S8 and S5, as well as how to master DJing with the new Stems file format. The Serato course not only covers the standard features, but the major Serato DJ expansion packs too, including Serato Flip, Remote, and Pitch 'N Time. And the Virtual DJ course covers all the exciting new editors in the software that let you use it for much more than just DJing. There's always a new skill new to learn!
  5. From now on, you'll always be able to rock new features first - Your course will always be up to date. As your software develops, we'll update the course too. (For instance, the Traktor course already has training on the new onscreen Stems waveforms.) And as your course is yours for life, it'll always be 100% relevant when you return to it - now or in the years to come!
  6. We’ve got you covered if you change your software, or change your mind! - Using Traktor now but thinking of switching to Serato soon? Got Virtual DJ but really want to go to Traktor? I think you get the idea - whatever software you choose to DJ with, your Made Easy purchase is good to go. Just tell us the software you're using as soon as you change, and we'll switch your ownership to that course, at any time, and as many times as you like. Plus, as with all our courses, if you’re not 100% happy, let us know anytime in the first 12 months and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.
  7. They are a great complement to any DJ training you have or are planning on getting - If you're taking any DJ training courses either from us or anywhere else (or you're planning to in the future), believe me, learning how to master your DJ software first is going to make everything else you need to learn so much more enjoyable and easy to grasp.
These courses really are an essential companion to your DJ software, and this pre-launch offer is strictly limited, so to find out more head to the link for your software below: 

Click here for Traktor Made Easy 

Click here for Serato Made Easy 

Click here for Virtual DJ Made Easy 

(...of if you'd like to rush straight to the shopping cart to make sure you get yours right now, click here: Traktor cart | Serato cart |Virtual DJ cart.) 

Remember, we WILL be closing this members only, pre-launch offer imminently, so don't miss out. 

Get Free Serato Effects When You Buy Serato DJ

You can now get a comprenensive pack of Serato effects free when you buy Serato DJ for a limited time. The Serato FX Pack usually retails for US$29, and comes with three distinct effects packs: Chip Pack, Jet Pack, and Back Pack. They expand on the stock Serato DJ effects, adding to your sound manipulation palette.
So if you haven't got Serato and you're into effects, now could be a good time to take the plunge - although we always recommend to use effects sparingly (of course, sometimes it's just fun to go nuts with a dub echo during a long techno build up, but maybe just in your room...)
• Serato DJ is available for US$99, and comes with the Serato FX Pack for a limited time. Check out the Serato website for more details.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016



Soundcloud has been suffering a backlash recently. Their new mobile app was received poorly, and the newly revealed partnership with Universal which allows the label to remove content from the site has sparked controversy and worries for the future. To further exacerbate the drama, reports have been made that the site is now implementing restrictions based on country. Over the last 2 years Soundcloud has come under increasing pressure from the music industry. Many users have complained that mixes are being taken down on copyright grounds. Will the site’s popularity become its unmaking?
The site has been a huge part of the dance music scene and DJ culture since it’s inception in 2007. A powerful tool for both established and beginner artists, Soundcloud really picked up steam in the 1st wave of a copyright clampdown by Youtube. It’s easy accessibility and intuitive sharing capabilities have made it a prominent part of the current internet landscape.
What if the recent developments signal the beginning of a downfall for the site? Where are the best alternatives to host your mixes, edits, compositions and audio sketches? We take a look at a few possible solutions…


Just announced today at South By Southwest Interactive, there’s news big news for DJs and producers alike: the Apple Music streaming platform will soon allow remixes, mashups, and mixes to be added to the platform. For DJs and producers, this means there’s a chance for unlicensed works to actually get higher profile exposure, while a partnership with Dubset will allow the original artists to still receive royalties from the use of their work.