Thursday, March 17, 2016

Get Free Serato Effects When You Buy Serato DJ

You can now get a comprenensive pack of Serato effects free when you buy Serato DJ for a limited time. The Serato FX Pack usually retails for US$29, and comes with three distinct effects packs: Chip Pack, Jet Pack, and Back Pack. They expand on the stock Serato DJ effects, adding to your sound manipulation palette.
So if you haven't got Serato and you're into effects, now could be a good time to take the plunge - although we always recommend to use effects sparingly (of course, sometimes it's just fun to go nuts with a dub echo during a long techno build up, but maybe just in your room...)
• Serato DJ is available for US$99, and comes with the Serato FX Pack for a limited time. Check out the Serato website for more details.

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