Thursday, April 14, 2016

Which Pioneer CDJ models are HID compatible?

A major plus for Serato users is support for more CDJ models compared to Traktor. Serato DJ supports advanced HID control for these Pioneer CDJs:
  • CDJ 350
  • CDJ 850
  • CDJ 900/Nexus
  • CDJ 2000/Nexus
  • XDJ 1000 
The list varies slightly for Serato users that are running Scratch Live:
  • CDJ 350
  • CDJ 400
  • CDJ 850
  • CDJ 900
  • CDJ 2000/Nexus
The good news for Serato users is that Pioneer and Serato appear to have a solid relationship. Most CDJ models had HID support in Serato before Traktor. Most recently the XDJ 1000 had HID support for Serato immediately upon release. That means people waiting for the inevitable XDJ 2000 can probably count on Serato HID support.

Pioneer CDJ 2000 HID Setup

There are a few things that need to be done to ensure smooth operation with your CDJs and Serato. First, DJs will want to make sure the CDJs are running the latest firmware. Although this tutorial focuses on the CDJ 2000, DJs can find the latest firmware for all Serato supported CDJs at Pioneer Support. Highlight the CDJ of choice and select “Software Download” to find the latest firmware.
If the CDJ 2000s aren’t running the latest firmware, follow this guide to update the firmware on your CDJ 2000sThe next step is to download and install the latest version of Serato DJ orScratch Live software. Once the CDJ firmware and Serato software have been updated, we can move on to the hardware setup.

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