Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Cure And The Cause ANNOUNCEMENT:
No more laptops in the DJ booth. 
Unless you're using it to control VINYL to do a turntablist type of set, a'la Jazzy Jeff type shit, or if you're doing a LIVE thing where you're actually programming shit on the fly. Keep your controller in your crib, dont come to work with training wheels. LEARN THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE already. Pioneer isn't going anywhere any time soon, they ARE the industry standard, so brush up on how to use the CDJs already, get Rekordbox (its FREE) and buy a good USB stick for $40 that will store THOUSANDS of hours of music on it. 
We opened this place to showcase talent. So, show us your talent."
Cure And The Cause responded to the post by saying, "WE DONT WANT LAPTOPS. End of story. To each his own."
This subsequently opened up the floodgates for a barrage of comments ranging from "This is awesome," to "I think your new rule is quite closed minded." 
As the general public continued to express their opinion on the new rule, many questions came up regarding famous DJs like Richie Hawtin, who uses a controller, being allowed to DJ at the club. This prompted a response from the owner saying, "people who actually USE the technology to enhance their DJ set are more than welcome to use whatever the hell they want. our issue is with people coming in, setting up all kinds of shit just to simply mix from one track to the next."

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